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Got WordPress? Check out the GoFundMe donation widget page here:

Introducing the GoFundMe family of online donation widgets. Now you and your supporters can take your donation page ‘to-go’ with these convenient travel-sized options.

Each widget features an included ‘thermometer’ – helping to communicate progress towards your goal. The larger sizes include enough room for your fund’s photo. You can also choose from a handful of colors to match your widget to your website’s design.

Attract even more support for your fund by encouraging your supporters to copy & paste the provided ’embed’ code onto their own websites and blogs.

To get started, sign-in to your GoFundMe account and click the ‘Widgets’ tab.

GoFundMe Online Donation Widgets

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2 thoughts on “Online Donation Widget

  1. Hey Karen – great question. Currently these widgets are best suited for other websites and blogs… stay tuned for a GoFundMe Facebook app in the future though. In the meantime, you can still share your fund with Facebook friends and post updates to your Facebook wall. Thanks again!

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