Their Only Portrait

Fede is traveling the world by bike and giving families their first photo of loved ones.

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Rampage In Charlottesville

This hero rushed to help injured counter-protestors in Charlottesville, when the driver reversed and hit her as well. Now, Allie’s in the hospital with critical injuries and donors are supporting her recovery.

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help cover medical expenses for Sgt

It’s PTSD Awareness Day and Ssgt. Caesar is fighting his greatest battle yet—the one for his life.

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Eileidhs Journey Bucket List ❤

This terminally ill girl’s biggest wish came true when she “married” her best friend.

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SAVE it or SHAVE it

Ryan is setting up “Good Donut Shop” & the fate of his beard is on the line with every donation. #NationalDonutDay

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Help Chris Parker

A GoFundMe has been started for the homeless man outside the arena who rushed to help a dying woman during the Manchester bombing.

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Memorial fund for Gina

First victim of the tragic Manchester bombing has been identified & there is a GoFundMe to support her loved ones.

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Grandma Great’s blankets for babies

This grandma has sewn thousands of blankets to comfort children around the world.

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Pillow the piglet’s piggy bank

Over $4k has been raised to save this piglet who was rescued from a slaughterhouse.

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Supporting the Victims of the Tragic San Diego Shooting

On Sunday, April 30, a gunman opened fire at a pool party in San Diego, killing one person and injuring six others. The San Diego community has come together to support the victims and survivors of this senseless act of violence, and in the aftermath, several campaigns on GoFundMe have been started to help with medical costs, burial expenses, and recovery.

The GoFundMe team has been working closely with the organizers of all of these campaigns to ensure safety, transparency, and the secure delivery of funds to the intended recipients. Anyone wishing to support those affected by this terrible attack can donate to these verified campaigns.

• Demetrius Griffin, a witness to this horrific event, started this GoFundMe to help with the medical costs of the survivors of the attack.
• Michelle Fuget, the mother of fatally injured Monique Clark, started this GoFundMe to help with the burial and to care for Monique’s three daughters.
• Drew Phillips, a friend of many at the party, started this GoFundMe for the medical care of Kion Gould, a survivor of the shooting.
• Rosaura Diaz Alca started this GoFundMe for her brother Tomas Diaz, one of the shooting victims.
• Summer Smith started this GoFundMe for the medical costs of her friend Kalli, a survivor of the shooting.

GoFundMe is proud to be part of the San Diego community, and we’ve made donations to all five campaigns to show our support after this tragedy.

For more information about GoFundMe works to protect our donors and campaign organizers, please visit this page:

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